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About Leeds, Guide and Top Tourist Attractions
(Leeds, Yorkshire, England, UK)

Leeds is said to be the people's favorite city in the United Kingdom. It is located at the northern part of England with a generous supplyof museums, landmarks, historic buildings, gardens, and pubs that are frequented by natives and travelers alike. Traveling in Leeds is easy because it can be toured on foot, by car, bus, or taxi.

Because of the increasing number of tourists every year, Leeds has put developed a good infrastructure of hotels and accommodation around its area. They vary from economical bed and breakfasts to luxury hotels. Apartments and townhouses are also available for rent for those who want to stay longer in the city.

What to do in Leeds

Travellers and tourists can visit the numerous art galleries and museums located at the heart of the city to learn about the city's history. Some of the most notable museums in Leeds are the Thackray Medical Museum, the Bronte Partsonage Museum, the National Museum of Photography, Film, and Television, and the Manor House and Museum.

Visitors can also see the charming and quaint house located in Clapham, York, Grassington, Haworth, Masham, Holmfirth, Skipton, Whitby, and Wetherby. These towns have many historic buildings and markets.

Leeds is home to Leeds United, the home football team of the city. Tourists can watch their favourite players during practice or games, depending on the season.

Tourist Attractions

Some of the must-see tourist attractions in Leeds are; the Leeds City Square (with its many historical buildings), the Leeds Waterfront (a shopping and eating area), the Leeds Millennium Square (which houses the Nelson Mandela Gardens), The Victoria Quarter (a fashion strip with many top Leeds restaurants), and the Bolton Abbey Steam Railway (which allow tourists to enjoy the Yorkshire Dales scenery).

Visitors can also experience the Leeds Tropical World (which contains the largest array of UK plants), the Harewood house (which contains breathtaking gardens), the Royal Armories (houses a military artifacts collection), and the Leeds Sunday Funday (a regular Sunday event with puppet shows, music, and entertainers for kids).

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